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Sweet Spot Studio believes that everybody deserves the opportunity.

Sweet Spot Studio

We like nothing more than finding hidden talent and help nurture it to its full potential.

Whether you are a budding singer songwriter, a full-blown funk band, a jazz trio or anything in between we believe we can give you the environment to explore all possibilities and truly create and record something that you are truly excited and passionate about. 

All you need to do is call us to make that first step happen.

The studio itself is modern and stylish while still providing a welcoming atmosphere, the equipment available is top of the range and I was extremely impressed by the service and sound quality provided by Sweet Spot Studios.

Luke Brown, Singer/Songwriter

When I think of Sweet Spot Studios three words come to mind; warmth, professionalism and clarity. As a rapper you should always expect my terms to be delivered synonymously so let me explain how those three words hit the "Sweet Spot" for me.

When I say WARMTH I'm not just referring to the homely welcome I receive when I arrive OR the reminiscent waft of Caribbean heat when I enter the studio doors. I'm talking about the seductively enticing shade of red that perfectly compliments the warmth of the acoustics that you suddenly find yourself immersed in. For me PROFESSIONALISM is displayed through the window of the vocal booth. As a vocalist it's always evident to see when someone has taken that step back that is required to truly understand an artist. One of the first things I learnt from my recording experience with Andy is the difference between knowing and being told.... " Knowing you can give that better take is one thing, but being told will always bring those A* results."

And I guess that leaves Clarity which speaks for itself. It's the clarity of communication, it's the clarity of understanding what we are there for and most importantly VOCAL CLARITY.

Clayton George, Rapper

I found that recording my story with Andie in the studio was a great experience and am very pleased with the results and grateful for all the help and encouragement you gave me as well as taking your own time to include the sounds and music background. The friendly atmosphere and welcome from your lovely family (Not to mention the tea and coffee) made me feel relaxed and and at home. I look forward to recording CD 2 with Andie at Sweet Spot Studio this winter.

Patti, Author

Sweet Spot Studio has a warm and very personal atmosphere, making you feel relaxed and at home from the minute you step in the door. Andie Bosley, (studio owner), is an experienced and knowledgeable musician, and has dedicated the same enthusiasm and passion to producing my music as he does to his own ... perhaps even more. The facilities and equipment are of the highest quality and the final result is always of impressive standard. I have experienced a number of studios previously but will continue to trust Andie with my musical endeavours as I truly believe he wants the best for me and all his clients. Being able to return to recording and rekindle my desire to make music has been made easier and more enjoyable by Sweet Spot Studio. I have felt encouraged and supported every time I visit, and all advice Andie has given me has been genuine and constructive. I have really appreciated the extra time and effort that is taken to ensure I am developing not just musically, but personally also. My confidence has increased, I am more comfortable than ever behind the microphone and I am learning a little more each time I enjoy a session. It's exciting. If you can tear Andie away from his passion for long enough....the coffee is pretty good too!

Lucie Flowers, Singer

Andie created a very relaxed atmosphere as soon as I entered and supported my ideas and process for recording. The studio itself contains top-notch equipment that managed to capture every detail without any dreaded hiss. It's definitely worth the money!

Matt Kidd, Singer/Songwriter

I had the pleasure of recording with Andie after a recommendation from a friend of mine. I would like to do the same ! Andie offers creative ideas and his experience as a musician obviously reflects in the passion he shows for what he does. The studio itself is well thought out, so many sounds available and the vocals are recorded with such clarity. All in all a great place to record and at reasonable prices, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time there.

Matthew Jenkins, Musician

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire recording process at Sweet Spot Studio. The engineer was very patient with us as we developed our tracks and was more than happy to revisit takes whenever we wanted. He was very relaxed and welcoming and made some very good suggestions about things we could introduce to the track to improve it but ultimately left the decision about whether to use these or not down to us. The studio is well kitted out and we are very happy with the final product. I would certainly use the studio again and definitely recommend it.

Michael Grove, Musician

I decided to try Sweet Spot Studio because it was cheap and near where I live. By the time we had finished I discovered that it was much, much more than that. The Studio is small and able to take only three or four performers at any one time. But the equipment is state of the art. I dont know how many channels, but more than enough. So the band members dont need to be there all at the same time.
But the best feature is Andie himself. A musician and singer turned studio manager, he is both highly skilled and enormously helpful. He says he is not qualified to master tracks, but in my experience he is. He keeps his prices lower than many other studios partly because he genuinely believes in encouraging young talent who may not have much money.
For me the finished product was excellent. I had to stop him making more and more improvements. As for "after sales" service, I know that I can always go back for any changes that occur to me later. In two words, highly recommended, and I am not an easy man to please.

Dr Clive Wood, Singer

Very professional, inspiring and a pleasure to work with Andie. He is committed to achieving the very best for artists and performers.

Doug, Singer

Working at Sweet Spot Studio has been a blast, we've been able to record our newest song Ti & Me to a proffesionnal standard and Andie has been the most laid back studio owner and letting us just get on with what we wanted to do. But he gave us some of his own ideas and input to the recording which was great as he thought differently to what we did. His balance between letting you do what you want to do and what sounds right is Sweet Spot on. Steffan was also great in the way he was able to send us the masters within a few days on a CD. This was great because we were then able to give them out at our next gig. All round a great experience and will definitely be coming back to record our album and any other future releases! 10/10

Gwion, Roughion

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The Equipment

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We have invested in some of the highest quality equipment, along with industry standard plugins that are constantly being updated.

  • Apple Macbook pro
  • Raven Mti2
  • Focusrite Claritte 8 pre x
  • Avalon Vt 737sp
  • Allen and Heath QU16
  • Adam A7x
  • Dbx 231 graphic EQ
  • Sm57
  • Sm58
  • Gemini 2
  • Audix drum mics
  • Behringer DI boxe
  • Selection of guitars
  • Selection of synths
  • Pro tools 2018
  • Logic Pro x
  • Allen and Heath QU16
  • 414 xls
  • Fostex cr500
  • Slate digital plug ins
  • Waves plug ins
  • Melodyne
  • Studio toys
  • Fender guitar amp

Sweet Spot Studio specialises in recording projects of all styles and genres.

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